Video Deflicker

Deflicker is a filtering effect applied to brightness flicker between frames to improve visual quality. The flickering can be seen when camera chnaged autoexposure between frames significantly. The deflicker aims to improve the final of movies.
Time-Lapse Video Deflicker Effect


The deflicker effect works automatically. The main idea is to smooth image brightness between few frames before and after the processed image.
To preview a deflickered video the effect should analyze all frames in the sequence. The analyzing progress is shown in the effect property window.
The time lapse software processes only affected frames during video generation. Thus video export can be started immediately and waiting of analyze completion is not needed.
Time-Lapse Video Deflicker Effect Analyzing


Provided video shows how time lapse video can be improved. Original photo sequence has significant flickering between frames but the software fixes this with help of deflicker effect. Video includes original and deflickered sequence. Then shows side-by-side comparison between these videos.

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