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You can create time lapse sequences with images. The software's features are remarkably easy to understand. It allows you to apply and adjust numerous visual effects without any effort. You can export your time lapse videos in different formats or upload them to YouTube. Read the full review»

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First, any tool that one uses to accomplish their means should be User Friendly in the making of a TimeLapse. Timelapse Tool is the perfect product for that means. It packs a powerful punch for a small and easy to use product in the making of a TimeLapse. User Friendly is the Watch Word. It must be. The 'Tool', as I call it, renders big time results such as Photoshop, After Effects would but for so much less. If you donot have a slider, it will emulate camera movement for you. You are also able to experiment with different Frame rates, enable Tilt, foucs, Viginette and even a Gif. It will also allow you to build a HD and 4K video TimeLapse. The program is just easy to use rendering powerful and professional results. It's really left up to you and your creativity! I await the day when the 'The Tool', as I call it, will have the capability to utilize 'Stabilization' in a TimeLapse which is the only thing missing from 'The Tool'. In the meant time, have fun with 'The Tool' and create!!! Robert

Over the last 6 months or so I have been on a quest to find a simple, easy to use time lapse program. I have down loaded at least ten to try. All had their good points but all had more bad points. What I was looking for was a standalone program that would allow me to edit, render, adjust the length, add sound, and also do Hyper Time Lapse ETC. for any and all the photos from whatever camera I wanted to use, and I use a lot of different cameras! When I down loaded Time Lapse Tool I knew that I had found what I was looking for. It would take sequences from my Sony Alpha A55, my Go Pro, my friends Canon, large amounts of photos or small and hyper time lapse sequences and render them into a very watchable video. The editing was so simple that I wondered if it could possibly work? It did and then some. I even fixed a Hyper Time Lapse sequence that was unwatchable in the other programs. Don't get me wrong, there is no substitute for good photography, good habits and reasonable conditions but time Lapse Tool will make your job a bit easier. Even the least expensive version works great. I also need to mention that the their service dept is outstanding. I had some "conflicting program" troubles at the start up and they went out of their way to see that it got fixed. You will not be sorry for using Time Lapse Tool! Dale Sandberg

I selected Time-Lapse Tool for a number of reasons. It has a very robust set of options, and each option offers complete flexibility in their settings in terms of quality, compression, and frame rate. The user interface is intuitive and relatively easy to master. Performance in both importing images and creating the movie is excellent. The price for each type of license is very reasonable. One other reason: The effects allow you to change the lighting, color, contrast, etc. without altering the original images. Tom

I discovered Time-Lapse Tool about a year ago while looking for a way of taking individual images captured by my MallinCam astronomical cameras and creating time lapse videos. I was pleased with the free version, but wanted to be able to adjust and save the videos created at a higher resolution. So I upgraded to the PRO version and have not been disappointed. I have an All Sky Camera running by my observatory and it captures images every minute to a hard drive. As soon as I registered the PRO version, I created a time lapse of the All Sky Camera's view of the sky from 8:00 PM on May 4th through 8:00 AM on May 5th.
I then created a time-lapse video of the Sun as seen by my MallinCam DS2.3 PLUS and Lunt 152 H-Alpha solar telescope. I had captured images every 15 seconds and used the 1280 or so images to create this video:
I used some of the adjustment features in Time-Lapse PRO to tweak Brightness, Contrast, Saturation and Hue to achieve the image of the Sun.
Feel free to post this feedback/testimonial as well as the links to the videos created to date. Jack Huerkamp

I was looking for a software tool that would allow me to create time-lapse animations of the Sun using still frames captured with a dedicated solar telescope and astronomical camera. Frustration, until someone pointed me to Time-Lapse Tools. I started with the free version and was impressed by the simplicity of the work flow and the top-notch quality of the results. The tools within the program are extremely useful in improving the final visual effect. I am also impressed with the export tools, especially the ability to directly upload to a YouTube account. After a week of testing, I opted to buy the very reasonably priced Personal Full HD version: a wise choice on my part! Well done ... excellent program that I am recommending to my fellow amateur astronomers without hesitation! Simon

Hey, just thought i would let you know how thankful i am of your software. i spent all afternoon flicking from program to program pulling my hair out as they all stop responding when i try to edit my 23,000 image time lapse. finally i found your software and within minutes i was happily editing it. its now been only 10 minutes and its currently exporting so i thought id take the time to say thanks you made my day! Mitchie

I am a brand new user to the video editing world, so I hope your ok that I'm not as tech savvy as most in the field. The main reason I purchased your product is because GoPro Studio is really glitchy and was not easy to use. It was way worth the purchase to have something that worked and worked every time and so far works well. There are a few features I haven't figured out yet, but I'm sure with a little time it will become intuitive. Rob

We use Time-Lapse software to create videos to document the nesting behavior of an endangered turtle in Maryland. We needed something with more capability than the Go-Pro software tools, which, although free, did not meet our needs. Time-Lapse software has been both reliable and fast and has an easy-to-use interface which makes creating our videos both quick and easy. Richard A. Seigel Professor

The first time I tried using “Time-Lapse Tool” I could easily see that it provided the intuitive interface to allow lacing still images together in one project easy. After each use, I began to experiment with other features that again, are intuitive to use and easy to understand. I have only done 6 or 7 projects with from 100 – 1,000 images, so as yet, I have not run into any limitations on file size or image count. Compared to an Adobe product there is almost zero learning curve to get up and running with this software instantly. I highly recommend this product if you are new, like I am, to Time Lapse projects. Les Lenchner, at LAPHOTOPIX.COM

I keep track of my life using a life-logging camera and use Time-lapse tool every morning to make a 2 minute summary of the previous day. It's a nice, light and no-nonsense tool that quickly provides high quality videos, and there are options to change several settings, which is very nice. Just for fun you can quote me as the "god of life-logging", as stated in the Financial Times Morris, My blog: mokestrel.wordpress.com

Для меня главное преимущество программы Time-Lapse Tool заключается в простом интуитивно-понятном интерфейсе по принципу скачал-запустил-работай. Не нужно изучать документацию чтобы эффективно работать с программой, а значит больше времени останется на творчество. Сергей