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Time-Lapse Tool очень простая в использовании программа, Узнайте как сделать time lapse видео за пару кликов.

Наша программа для Windows создает замедленное видео в HD или даже 4K разрешении из фотографий. Большое количество эффектов позволяет легко создавать видео, привлекающие внимание. Мгновенно добавьте в видео виньетку, миниатюризацию либо другие эффекты. Комбинируйте несколько последовательностей из тысяч изображений с различной частотой кадров сразу в одно видео. Добавьте приближение или движение в кадре с минимальными усилиями.

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Версия 2.2 для Windows PC

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Hey, just thought i would let you know how thankful i am of your software. i spent all afternoon flicking from program to program pulling my hair out as they all stop responding when i try to edit my 23,000 image time lapse. finally i found your software and within minutes i was happily editing it. its now been only 10 minutes and its currently exporting so i thought id take the time to say thanks you made my day! (Mitchie)
I am fairly new to timelapse but just wanted to say how brilliant your software is! Easy and quick. Many thanks! (Lawrence)
I think your software is one of the most powerful and at the the same time easy to handle time lapse software I've seen. (Stephen)
I find the software simple to use and it does what says on the tin. (Rob)
I've been dabbling with your time-lapse software over the past days and really like it. (Ian)
The reason that i bought the TimeLapse tool is that it is very quick,accurate and very user friendly. Even for a rookie or a pro TLTool is the best solution. My best buy.... (Tsouras)
Overall I really like your Time-Lapse tool, as it gives ease way to put together lots of photos I take for people or events, creating sort of short video to see the Big Picture in short time. (Alvis)
Good and simple tool to use. (Thaisky-Digital)
Windows Media player froze and Apple's Quicktime Pro also failed when processing a 60 gigabyte file. Time Lapse Tool has worked every time I've used it. (Thomas)
I found this to be a fully featured programme and very intuitive to use. It is the only programme I use for timelapse. Highly recommended. (Michael)
This is the easiest way to produce HD timelapse I have seen. Terrific product guys!!!!! (Malcolm)
So easy to use, I turned my photos into a high quality timelapse movie in minutes. (Morgan)
I purchased Timelapse Tool because it could be sent via MPEG 4 into another program simply by clicking & dragging the video into the Timeline as I do with my photos & videos. The Timelapse Tool is very simple & fast to use. (Dennis)
I tried many time lapse programs before deciding to purchase Time-Lapse Tools. The reasons - its ease of use / versatility / excellent user interface / consistent results. A nice piece of software that has meet all my expectations. (John)
Time lapse tool is great! I used it for free first, it's easy to use and the results are AWESOME!! I purchased the FullHD bundle and I make time lapse almost everyday!! (Melody)
I have been looking for a time lapse program for some time. Then I found Time-Lapse Tool. As it is the program which meets all my expectations and even goes beyond I bought it without hesitations. Now, after using it for past few months I know it was a right decision (Piotr)
After looking at both free and paid software for assembling time-lapse imaging sessions, I decided on Time-Lapse Tool. The software is easy to use, intuitive, and best of all, fast, when assembling 600-700 high resolution images into a video sequence. Highly recommended! (Jon Steel)
It is easy. I find it like the equvilant to an iphone compared to an android. You may not have as many decisions to make, but the ones you have are absolute no brainers. it was cheap too. (Adam)
I chose Time-Lapse Tool as a quick and easy way to try out doing time lapse photography. After my first few movies, I was hooked! The Personal HD version gives me the quality I need right now at an affordable price. (-Dena)
Time lapse photography is just fun. It adds fun to children playing and a wonderful effect to cloud movement. Time lapse tool is the best I have found for deflick, which is essential and for zoom for adjustments in view. All functions are intuitive which is rare in software. (M knight)
I have tried various programs for my time lapse work and right now I am using the easiest and best I have used. Time-Lapse Tool is very user friendly but still has the power to produce excellent sequences. I would highly recommend this software for the beginner or expert alike. Gary Graham. MontGram Photography.
We use Time-Lapse software to create videos to document the nesting behavior of an endangered turtle in Maryland. We needed something with more capability than the Go-Pro software tools, which, although free, did not meet our needs. Time-Lapse software has been both reliable and fast and has an easy-to-use interface which makes creating our videos both quick and easy. Richard A. Seigel Professor
I chose Time-Lapse Tool because it works! I was having trouble with Windows Movie Maker refusing to produce videos from the jpg pictures I was collecting on my trail cameras. Time-Lapse Tool has has no trouble with them. It does the one thing I want to do (time-lapse video) very well and very easily. (Alan)
I was looking for a software tool that would allow me to create time-lapse animations of the Sun using still frames captured with a dedicated solar telescope and astronomical camera. Frustration, until someone pointed me to Time-Lapse Tools. I started with the free version and was impressed by the simplicity of the work flow and the top-notch quality of the results. The tools within the program are extremely useful in improving the final visual effect. I am also impressed with the export tools, especially the ability to directly upload to a YouTube account. After a week of testing, I opted to buy the very reasonably priced Personal Full HD version : a wise choice on my part ! Well done ... excellent program that I am recommending to my fellow amateur astronomers without hesitation! (Simon)
After looking over the Internet to see if I can get help with processing my attempts at time lapse imaging I found Time Lapse Tool. I downloaded the free version of Time Lapse Tool and was blown away by how easy the software is to use and how it gave me great results on my time lapse imaging. After playing with the software over a short time I decided that it would be well worth the money paying to upgrade the free version to a version that I can make my videos in HD. I highly recommend Time Lapse Tool you will not be disappointed (Steve)
I am a brand new user to the video editing world, so I hope your ok that I'm not as tech savvy as most in the field. The main reason I purchased your product is because GoPro Studio is really glitchy and was not easy to use. It was way worth the purchase to have something that worked and worked every time and so far works well. There are a few features I haven't figured out yet, but I'm sure with a little time it will become intuitive. (Rob)
After trying the software extensively, ensuring it was really up to the task I needed it for, I bough it and never regretted it since. I mainly use it to quickly make time lapse movies of construction sites or events. Everything works and the software is (compared to other solutions) very quick and easy to use. (William)
I tried many video editing applications to create time-lapse videos and I love the simplicity of this one. It's straight to the point with exactly the options you would need. Ahmed
I chose Time-Lapse Tool after migrating to Windows 10 from OS X a couple weeks ago. I've barely explored what it can do, but so far it has met my basic needs very well. I was using time lapse assembler before I switched. Time-Lapse Tool compiles faster (but might be my newer PC too). Mike
Time-Lapse Tool gives you the power to create time lapse footage with only a few clicks, but also has a host of powerful tools to give your project the edge Geoff
Time-Lapse Tool is very easy to use. You give it a sequence of images and it converts them into your movie with no additional effort or expertise on your part. David
The easiest way to make timelapse videos Grane
I think the program is very simple and good Marit
I chose Time-Lapse Tool because it seemed easy, and especially didn't made my computer go crazy even with heavy pictures and a lot of them. I am pretty satisfied with it, considering it always works and is really quick. Margot HQ
Time-Lapse Tool is very easy and practical to use. That's why I bought it, especially to assemble all the pics together. It works fast and well. Renaud
After testing several "time-lapse to video tools", I finally purchased TimeLapsetool because it provides easy-to-use image preprocessing and, of great importance to me, to zoom and resize to video only portions of the images. Thierry
I've been using Time-Lapse Tool for several months and I'm very happy with it. Best of all, it's fast. It loads the images fast and it previews fast. The interface is very easy to use. Rendering output files is also pleasingly quick. Great software at a very reasonable price. Kirk P Bidwell
Timelapse tool makes it easy for me to create stunning timelapses with just a few clicks. The interface is simple but very effective and intuitive. Louis Reichert
I'am very happy with the program and it is so easy to use. I stumbled across it while I was searching for a program to edit my footage. Very Happy with it . Thank You P Jay
I just downloaded the Pro model yesterday and have only done one test with it. The test involved shooting the sky to exaggerate the movement of the clouds. I still don't know exactly what I'm doing in terms of frame rates etc. but from the results of that first test I can say this.....It's worth the money! Mari Barrios
Time Lapse is an amazing and wonderfully easy program to work with. I tried others but some rather would crash my system or were to complicated to figure out. I love this program. Tracy Kerestesh
Time-Lapse Tool provides simple, effective time lapse software. It is really fun to use, and allowed me to completely break from the insanity of Adobe CC. Time lapse has never been easier for me thanks to this new product. Kent Waller
I spent a long time looking for an affordable and easy solution to make high resolution time-lapse videos. Most applications were difficult to use or were slow and unreliable. The only application that worked, and has everything I could ask of it was the aptly named 'Time-lapse Tool, NOTHING else worked reliably or was too difficult to use Dennis

Time-Lapse Tool в оценочном режиме имеет следующие ограничения:
  • Разрешение при экспорте ограничено до DVD (480p).
  • Отсутствует возможность экспортировать в GIF формат.
  • Запрещено использовать программу в коммерческих целях. Только Pro версия программы Time-Lapse Tool разрешена для коммерческого использования.
  • Поддержка только через форум на сайте программы.

Time-Lapse Tool также предоставляет бесплатную версию time lapse программы - персональную.