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Time-Lapse Tool is easy to use software. Learn how to make a time lapse video in just few clicks.

Our Windows software builds HD or 4K time lapse video from photographies. A massive variety of effects makes it uniquely easy to create stunning video. Apply vignette, tilt focus and other effects instantly. Combine image sequences with different FPS into one video file with our best timelapse program. Emulate zoom and move over still images with minimal effort.

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Version 2.2 for Windows PC

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Why use time-lapse video?

The time-lapse video offers beautiful effects. It efficiently captures event more than the human eye does. Time-lapse videos are basically used to cover movies, commercials, and wildlife documentaries.

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What our customers say:

Hey, just thought i would let you know how thankful i am of your software. i spent all afternoon flicking from program to program pulling my hair out as they all stop responding when i try to edit my 23,000 image time lapse. finally i found your software and within minutes i was happily editing it. its now been only 10 minutes and its currently exporting so i thought id take the time to say thanks you made my day! (Mitchie)

I am fairly new to timelapse but just wanted to say how brilliant your software is! Easy and quick. Many thanks! (Lawence)

I think your software is one of the most powerful and at the the same time easy to handle time lapse software I've seen. (Stephen)

I find the software simple to use and it does what says on the tin. (Rob)

I've been dabbling with your time-lapse software over the past days and really like it. (Ian)

The reason that i bought the TimeLapse tool is that it is very quick,accurate and very user friendly. Even for a rookie or a pro TLTool is the best solution. My best buy.... (Tsouras)

Overall I really like your Time-Lapse tool, as it gives ease way to put together lots of photos I take for people or events, creating sort of short video to see the Big Picture in short time. (Alvis)

Good and simple tool to use. (Thaisky-Digital)

Windows Media player froze and Apple's Quicktime Pro also failed when processing a 60 gigabyte file. Time Lapse Tool has worked every time I've used it. (Thomas)

I found this to be a fully featured programme and very intuitive to use. It is the only programme I use for timelapse. Highly recommended. (Michael)

This is the easiest way to produce HD timelapse I have seen. Terrific product guys!!!!! (Malcolm)

So easy to use, I turned my photos into a high quality timelapse movie in minutes. (Morgan)

I purchased Timelapse Tool because it could be sent via MPEG 4 into another program simply by clicking & dragging the video into the Timeline as I do with my photos & videos. The Timelapse Tool is very simple & fast to use. (Dennis)

I tried many time lapse programs before deciding to purchase Time-Lapse Tools. The reasons - its ease of use / versatility / excellent user interface / consistent results. A nice piece of software that has meet all my expectations. (John)

Time lapse tool is great! I used it for free first, it's easy to use and the results are AWESOME!! I purchased the FullHD bundle and I make time lapse almost everyday!! (Melody)

I have been looking for a time lapse program for some time. Then I found Time-Lapse Tool. As it is the program which meets all my expectations and even goes beyond I bought it without hesitations. Now, after using it for past few months I know it was a right decision (Piotr)

It is easy. I find it like the equvilant to an iphone compared to an android. You may not have as many decisions to make, but the ones you have are absolute no brainers. it was cheap too. (Adam )

Time-Lapse Tool has evaluation mode with following limitations:
  • The program does not allow you to use resolutions greater than DVD (480p) for export.
  • Program does not allow to export to GIF format.
  • Use of the application is not permitted for commercial purposes. Only the Pro version of Time-Lapse Tool is licensed for commercial use.
  • Support is limited to the advice and information available on the forum.

Time-Lapse Tool also provides free time lapse software Personal Edition.