Create Beautiful and Professional Time Lapse Video Fast!

Our Windows software builds 4K time-lapse videos from digital photographs. Time-Lapse Tool’s amazing variety of effects make it uniquely easy to use for creating stunning videos. Apply vignette, tilt focus and other effects instantly. Combine image sequences with different frame rates into one video file. Emulate zoom and move over still images with minimal effort.

Time-Lapse Tool is easy-to-use time lapse program. You can learn how to make a timelapse video in just a few clicks.

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윈도우 PC용 버전 2.4 (2022년 5월 3일)

Enjoy Time Lapse Video Production with:

  • High performance for polished results
  • Render to H.264, Windows Media, and other formats
  • Create a single video from photos stored in multiple folders at once
  • Set varying rates of frames per second (FPS) for each sequence of images in your project for differential viewer impacts
  • Save your video in Full HD, or 4K resolution
  • 4K video size with different aspect ratios (16:9, 4:3, 3:2, 360°)
  • Built-in de-flickering for quality impact
  • Built-in zoom and move functions to create video from parts of your images
  • Watermark and frame information effects for professional protection and branding for business users
  • Connectivity to YouTube for speedy publishing
  • Apply image effects with just a few clicks
  • Much more with 20+ built-in effects.
  • Did we mention that our software is affordable too?!

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