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Simplifying time-lapse videos with amazing features and ease of use!

Are you learning photography and video editing? Have you spent several hours taking photographs for your time-lapse? If you have, do not worry, with Time-Lapse Tool, you will not need to spend hours in post. We designed the Time-Lapse Tool to be simple to use, quick to learn and a powerful video tool.

Our time-lapse software is excellent as it allows you to create time-lapse video from multiple folders, even on different drives. Isn’t that amazing! Whether you are a home user or a business user, you will love Time-Lapse Tool because of its HD quality, advanced filters, tilt focus, simple user interface, and a lot more. The tool is perfect for beginners, gamers, film students, or any creative with a tight budget.

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Version 2.3 for Windows PC

The fantastic technique of time lapsing allows you to record the passing of time innovatively and creatively easily. This part is where our software shines. You can do it by taking a group of photographs at regular intervals over a specific period. Then you can use our software to produce a video from the stitched together pictures. We speed up the visuals to create a unique and brilliant artistic expression.

Time-Lapse Tool is fantastic software for Windows, and its strength lies in its simple interface and ease of use. A time-lapse video is an incredible way to tell a story if you are a business user.

You know that great stories are fundamental to good marketing. This reason is why the benefits of a time-lapse video can be massive for your company.

Simplicity and Ease of Use

Creating a time-lapse video with Time-Lapse Tool is as quick and straightforward as selecting a folder containing your images. All you have to do is decide whether you want to select all the photos in your folder to create a time-lapse video or add these images in a specific sequence.

Whether you are using a Windows computer or laptop, it has never been simpler to make time-lapse videos. Just choose your images, and then add effects and music. Time-Lapse Tool even supports 4K video.

Our time-lapse tool is awesome as it includes everything you need to capture images from your folder automatically, process them a bit (scale, rotate, etc), and combine them into complete time-lapse videos.

Features you will Love

Use Time-Lapse Tool to apply vignettes, zoom instantly, tilt focus, and many other amazing effects to bring your videos to life. You can also combine photo sequences with various frame rates into a single video file with our fantastic and most reliable time-lapse program that users swear by. You can also emulate zoom as well as move over any image with less effort, which is excellent. Our software has all the features you need to create a time-lapse video with ease.

Post Process Editing

You can do some incredible post-processing editing using our software, such as cropping the pictures or image, and scaling. You can also add audio file to your compiled video.

Please take a look at some of our amazing and most popular features and capabilities. With our fantastic program, you can easily do the following:


What our customers say:

I find this software very intuitive and easy to use.

Super software.


Time-Lapse Tool gives you the power to create time lapse footage with only a few clicks, but also has a host of powerful tools to give your project the edge


Good and simple tool to use.


Why use Time Lapse Videos?


Did you know that time-lapse can help you in telling a story that a before and after photograph cannot do? You can show the photos start to finish, which is brilliant.

More Clients

Are you looking to stand out from your competition? There is no better way than using time-lapse in your video presentations, social media, and sales calls to capture a potential customer’s attention and help close many more deals and propel your business. You can do it with our unique software.

The time-lapse effect can be used to create an intriguing sense of time and motion, whether you use your time-lapse sequences as stand-alone videos or combine them with other footage.

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