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First, any tool that one uses to accomplish their means should be User Friendly in the making of a TimeLapse. Time-Lapse Tool is the perfect product for that means. It packs a powerful punch for a small and easy to use product in the making of a TimeLapse. User Friendly is the Watch Word. It must be. The 'Tool', as I call it, renders big time results such as Photoshop, After Effects would but for so much less. If you donot have a slider, it will emulate camera movement for you. You are also able to experiment with different Frame rates, enable Tilt, foucs, Viginette and even a Gif. It will also allow you to build a HD and 4K video TimeLapse. The program is just easy to use rendering powerful and professional results. It's really left up to you and your creativity! I await the day when the 'The Tool', as I call it, will have the capability to utilize 'Stabilization' in a TimeLapse which is the only thing missing from 'The Tool'. In the meant time, have fun with 'The Tool' and create!!!


Over the last 6 months or so I have been on a quest to find a simple, easy to use time lapse program. I have down loaded at least ten to try. All had their good points but all had more bad points. What I was looking for was a standalone program that would allow me to edit, render, adjust the length, add sound, and also do Hyper Time Lapse ETC. for any and all the photos from whatever camera I wanted to use, and I use a lot of different cameras! When I down loaded Time-Lapse Tool I knew that I had found what I was looking for. It would take sequences from my Sony Alpha A55, my Go Pro, my friends Canon, large amounts of photos or small and hyper time lapse sequences and render them into a very watchable video. The editing was so simple that I wondered if it could possibly work? It did and then some. I even fixed a Hyper Time Lapse sequence that was unwatchable in the other programs. Don't get me wrong, there is no substitute for good photography, good habits and reasonable conditions but Time-Lapse Tool will make your job a bit easier. Even the least expensive version works great. I also need to mention that the their service dept is outstanding. I had some "conflicting program" troubles at the start up and they went out of their way to see that it got fixed. You will not be sorry for using Time-Lapse Tool!

Dale Sandberg

I selected Time-Lapse Tool for a number of reasons. It has a very robust set of options, and each option offers complete flexibility in their settings in terms of quality, compression, and frame rate. The user interface is intuitive and relatively easy to master. Performance in both importing images and creating the movie is excellent. The price for each type of license is very reasonable. One other reason: The effects allow you to change the lighting, color, contrast, etc. without altering the original images.


I discovered Time-Lapse Tool about a year ago while looking for a way of taking individual images captured by my MallinCam astronomical cameras and creating time lapse videos. I was pleased with the free version, but wanted to be able to adjust and save the videos created at a higher resolution. So I upgraded to the PRO version and have not been disappointed. I have an All Sky Camera running by my observatory and it captures images every minute to a hard drive. As soon as I registered the PRO version, I created a time lapse of the All Sky Camera's view of the sky from 8:00 PM on May 4th through 8:00 AM on May 5th.

I then created a time-lapse video of the Sun as seen by my MallinCam DS2.3 PLUS and Lunt 152 H-Alpha solar telescope. I had captured images every 15 seconds and used the 1280 or so images to create this video:

I used some of the adjustment features in Time-Lapse PRO to tweak Brightness, Contrast, Saturation and Hue to achieve the image of the Sun.

Feel free to post this feedback/testimonial as well as the links to the videos created to date.

Jack Huerkamp

I was looking for a software tool that would allow me to create time-lapse animations of the Sun using still frames captured with a dedicated solar telescope and astronomical camera. Frustration, until someone pointed me to Time-Lapse Tools. I started with the free version and was impressed by the simplicity of the work flow and the top-notch quality of the results. The tools within the program are extremely useful in improving the final visual effect. I am also impressed with the export tools, especially the ability to directly upload to a YouTube account. After a week of testing, I opted to buy the very reasonably priced Personal Full HD version: a wise choice on my part! Well done ... excellent program that I am recommending to my fellow amateur astronomers without hesitation!


After looking over the Internet to see if I can get help with processing my attempts at time lapse imaging I found Time-Lapse Tool. I downloaded the free version of Time-Lapse Tool and was blown away by how easy the software is to use and how it gave me great results on my time lapse imaging.

After playing with the software over a short time I decided that it would be well worth the money paying to upgrade the free version to a version that I can make my videos in HD.

I highly recommend Time-Lapse Tool you will not be disappointed


After looking at both free and paid software for assembling time-lapse imaging sessions, I decided on Time-Lapse Tool.

The software is easy to use, intuitive, and best of all, fast, when assembling 600-700 high resolution images into a video sequence.

Highly recommended!

Jon Steel

After trying the software extensively, ensuring it was really up to the task I needed it for, I bough it and never regretted it since.

I mainly use it to quickly make time lapse movies of construction sites or events.

Everything works and the software is (compared to other solutions) very quick and easy to use.


Hey, just thought i would let you know how thankful i am of your software. i spent all afternoon flicking from program to program pulling my hair out as they all stop responding when i try to edit my 23,000 image time lapse. finally i found your software and within minutes i was happily editing it. its now been only 10 minutes and its currently exporting so i thought id take the time to say thanks you made my day!


I am a brand new user to the video editing world, so I hope your ok that I'm not as tech savvy as most in the field. The main reason I purchased your product is because GoPro Studio is really glitchy and was not easy to use. It was way worth the purchase to have something that worked and worked every time and so far works well. There are a few features I haven't figured out yet, but I'm sure with a little time it will become intuitive.


We use Time-Lapse software to create videos to document the nesting behavior of an endangered turtle in Maryland. We needed something with more capability than the Go-Pro software tools, which, although free, did not meet our needs. Time-Lapse software has been both reliable and fast and has an easy-to-use interface which makes creating our videos both quick and easy.

Richard A. Seigel

The first time I tried using “Time-Lapse Tool” I could easily see that it provided the intuitive interface to allow lacing still images together in one project easy. After each use, I began to experiment with other features that again, are intuitive to use and easy to understand. I have only done 6 or 7 projects with from 100 – 1,000 images, so as yet, I have not run into any limitations on file size or image count. Compared to an Adobe product there is almost zero learning curve to get up and running with this software instantly. I highly recommend this product if you are new, like I am, to Time Lapse projects.

Les Lenchner,

I keep track of my life using a life-logging camera and use Time-Lapse Tool every morning to make a 2 minute summary of the previous day. It's a nice, light and no-nonsense tool that quickly provides high quality videos, and there are options to change several settings, which is very nice. Just for fun you can quote me as the "god of life-logging", as stated in the Financial Times

My blog: mokestrel.wordpress.com

Time-Lapse Tool is perhaps the best balance between applications which are so professionally powerful but extremely complex and also expensive and those which can be straightforward and easy to use and affordable but are so limiting in exporting formats. It suits my purpose for making full-fledged time-lapse clips in a few clicks that is of high quality in resolution and smoothness.

Yuqiang Zhou

I had struggled finding a piece of software that would do what I needed. I've been running Time-Lapse for about 10 days and it does exactly what I need it to do. I have a folder of pictures from the entire day in a folder that I want to create a timelapse video from. TL does this effortlessly and then I have the option to publish the video to Youtube without the need to manually upload the file. I have my process down to about 5 mouse clicks and I'm done. Great product and very easy to use.


I use Time-Lapse Tool to create slick, high-quality time-lapse sequences for my construction-industry, engineering and Arts clients. These sequences are great for integration into larger projects; as standalone clips for immediate sharing with other Stakeholders; or, for promotion and marketing on social media. The Time-Lapse Tool interface and workflow is simple and intuitive and, with the built-in tools, provides a swift and effective alternative to costly and complicated non-linear editors and motion-control software packages. I wholeheartedly recommend Time-Lapse Tool.

Alan Warren,
Principal Creative,

For all those who are looking for a one-stop working time lapse creation software, this is the product to buy. It is simple and works very well with all types of photos. The additional control and features it provides for creating stunning time lapse videos are amazing and worth the money. Long story short- it works well and is amazing.

Thank you timelapsetool.com

Mauritz Janeke WSO-RSD

I use my Time-Lapse Tool for making instruction (remember-what-did-I-do) “video” on board the research vessel I´m working at. Setting up the vessel for a new job often takes 12-14 hours, so instead of making a 12 hour long video, I use a 2-5 min timelap. Example

Over all…Quite satisfied

Jesper Riedel Voetmann

Time-lapse settings on trail cams and Time-Lapse Tool software is a simple combination for compiling thousands of photo into a treasured video.

With Time-Lapse Tool your results are just seconds away. Learning the many functions of the software couldn't be any easier.

I made my first time-lapse video of a Public Works project I was in charge of. Three trail cams covered a 9 month long bridge replacement project crossing the Muskegon River in Michigan. Time-Lapse Tool compiled 60,000 photos of the project from beginning to end.

Roger Schneidt

I have been looking for a time lapse program for some time. Then I found Time-Lapse Tool. As it is the program which meets all my expectations and even goes beyond I bought it without hesitations. Now, after using it for past few months I know it was a right decision


Time lapse photography is just fun. It adds fun to children playing and a wonderful effect to cloud movement. Time-Lapse Tool is the best I have found for deflick, which is essential and for zoom for adjustments in view. All functions are intuitive which is rare in software.

M knight

I just downloaded the Pro model yesterday and have only done one test with it. The test involved shooting the sky to exaggerate the movement of the clouds. I still don't know exactly what I'm doing in terms of frame rates etc. but from the results of that first test I can say this.....It's worth the money!

Mari Barrios

I chose Time-Lapse Tool because it works! I was having trouble with Windows Movie Maker refusing to produce videos from the jpg pictures I was collecting on my trail cameras. Time-Lapse Tool has has no trouble with them. It does the one thing I want to do (time-lapse video) very well and very easily.


I chose Time-Lapse Tool after migrating to Windows 10 from OS X a couple weeks ago. I've barely explored what it can do, but so far it has met my basic needs very well.

I was using time lapse assembler before I switched. Time-Lapse Tool compiles faster (but might be my newer PC too).


I have tried various programs for my time lapse work and right now I am using the easiest and best I have used. Time-Lapse Tool is very user friendly but still has the power to produce excellent sequences. I would highly recommend this software for the beginner or expert alike.

Gary Graham.
MontGram Photography.

I've been using Time-Lapse Tool for several months and I'm very happy with it. Best of all, it's fast. It loads the images fast and it previews fast. The interface is very easy to use. Rendering output files is also pleasingly quick. Great software at a very reasonable price.

Kirk P Bidwell

I spent a long time looking for an affordable and easy solution to make high resolution time-lapse videos. Most applications were difficult to use or were slow and unreliable. The only application that worked, and has everything I could ask of it was the aptly named 'Time-Lapse Tool', NOTHING else worked reliably or was too difficult to use


Time-Lapse Tool is my goto application when I want to quickly composite a timelapse from different sessions or to quickly preview a timeline output when jpegs are saved in camera. It allows me to easily import still images, rearrange timelines and apply standard processing to selected timelines of images. It renders my timelapses and videos quickly and without fuss. I wouldn't be without it

Paul Russell

We Chose Time-Lapse Tool because it is a simple to use, and cost effective software which saves us time and enables us to produce excellent time-lapse videos in up to 4K resolution.

We would recommend Time-Lapse Tool to anybody.

Kevin Cooper
City of Liverpool Security Ltd

I choose Time-Lapse Tool because it seemed to have the best interface and simplest approach to creating a time lapse sequence; having said that the programme is packed full of features while not making huge demands on memory etc. The video files it produces are robust and are readable on many different devices. Be prepared to for a long wait when processing large numbers of input files and saving the resulting video but the wait is well worth it.

John Lemon

I absolutely love Time-Lapse Tool. It's the perfect mix of straight forward, easy to use, and yet also delivers perfect professional looking results. I recently upgraded to the 4K version and couldn't be happier, even when it's handling huge file sizes it never feels like it. I can't even think of one thing I'd change about it, it's absolutely perfect for my needs. Thank you for such a brilliant product.

Niamh Quinn

A absolutely love the Time-Lapse Tool because it allows me to very quickly and easily create a time-lapse. I don’t have a lot of time to spend editing images and videos, so this saves me a tremendous amount of time. I looked at several tools and while some are more powerful, they are much harder to use and require more time. Time-Lapse Tool is very fast and extremely easy to use.

David R.
David R. Robinson Photography

In the past I used to use Quicktime for time lapses but many years ago Apple abandoned Quicktime for PCs and that left me in the wilderness for many years with free and frustrating programs to piece my time lapses together. So I took less time lapses. I finally had had enough flailing about with other programs and so I searched for a reasonably priced one. Time-Lapse Tool is what I found, paid for and tried. It was worth every penny. With my job, time-lapse is not what I do, what I do can be made into a time-lapse, as can many events around the office and life. I have very little time to devote to making these so a simple program like Time-Lapse Tool is priceless. I can get the job done, share it and get back to my real job quickly, and the produced piece can be up on social media for the office in a short enough time to still be relevant. In short, its great, I like using it, it works and I plan to continue to do so.

Senior Associate | Modelshop
Wilson Butler Architects

I use the Time-Lapse Tool to combine a series of jpgs to create videos from a variety of situations such as cloud movements or the rotation of stars. It does a great job of showing the movements. It has a number of options to chose from in order to produce the desired video.

David Linn

This is a perfect tool for at home hobbyists and photographers just getting into time-lapse photography. It provides all the essential features for a stellar time-lapse, and is on par with other much more expensive time-lapse software.

Nyk Secosky

I needed a user-friendly time lapse program and Time-Lapse Tool turned out to be the best choice for me. It has great features that any Movie Maker would need for their time lapses. Deflicker is my favorite. I've recommended this program to a few friends and even my ten-year-old uses it to make his movies. Never had any issues with Time-Lapse Tool always ready when I need it.

Andrew Gordils

When I upgraded from WIN-7 to WIN-10, I was not able to use Movie Maker to make time lapse videos anymore so after considerable research, I selected Time-Lapse Tool. I must say I am impressed as its fast and easily processes the tens of thousands of images that I capture often daily with my Go-Pro. The Time-Lapse Tool allows me to make adjustments to the images if needed and control how long each image is displayed in the sequence. I have yet to find a size limit as I have created videos well in excess of 20 gigs. I just wish I would have discovered this earlier as I wasted considerable time with Movie Maker with issues in processing larger files.

Ken F – Pennsylvania

I needed something simple that can produce great looking videos without having to read a long manual, or learn how to use a complicated video editor. I found Time-Lapse Tool and it suited my needs perfectly! Not only is the interface very intuitive, it’s fast to use and has enough depth, effects and render formats to create stunning looking time lapses in minutes. Well done Time-Lapse Tool team!


I use Time-Lapse Tool because it allows me to import sequences of photos super fast, as well as export in all of the formats I need. The built-in tool set is extremely easy to use, and the preview rendering is pretty instantaneous even when working with over 45k frames! It’s light, fast & effective!

Craig Dukus

I have found the Time-Lapse Tool to be fast, easy to use software and a greatway to explore my time lapse projects. It quickly lets me know if my ideas are headed in the right direction and is surprisingly feature-rich for the price. The Time-Lapse Tool loads images quickly and provides instant feedback, letting me know if I've hit the mark or if camera settings or software adjustments are needed to get the results I want. Whether I'm collecting images with a DSLR or creating software generated graphics for animation, The Time-Lapse Tool has become my first choice to check and produce results.

K. Kuehn
Binghamton, NY

I have tried and tested MANY alternative programmes and Time-Lapse Tool is by far the most user friendly and provides a first class end product. The support is EXCELLENT, you can be assured of a quick response and 100% customer satisfaction. I have used Time Lapse Tool for a few years now to produce some brilliant material and I will continue to do so.


Time-Lapse Tool makes it painless to assemble thousands of still images into time-lapse videos. My wife and I are building a barn and we use a Go Pro to take photos from anchor points during the most transformational parts of the build. It's been a fun way to track the progress we've made and has also made for some amusing moments whenever we made mistakes and you saw us build, remove and re-build walls. I highly recommend the software. It takes minutes to learn, and I've combined tens of thousands of photos into single clips with no trouble.


If anything, I am, for close to seventy years, an inveterate photographic experimenter, everything from traditional film photography/cinematography, 35mm, large format and even Pin-hole cameras, but above all I am and remain an amateur.

Despite having made some time-lapse recordings in the past, the current lock down and restricted travel opportunities imposed by the COVID 19 pandemic has seen me unable to return to the UK from my current location in St Petersburg (Russia) and so with plenty of time to re-explore Time-lapse photography, nothing exceptional, just “runner bean and garden pea” seeds growing hydroponically over the course of few weeks. Recorded with a simple Raspberry Pi (Zero) camera.

Looking for suitable software to assemble over ten thousand individual JPEG frames into a video sequence I had explored several alternatives but with only modest success, indeterminate quality or complex procedures. To be honest I hesitated for some time before purchasing Time-Lapse Tool, since for a non-commercial project by a retiree and for purely hobby reasons the cost could not be easily justified, but after some trails with the free evaluation version it was obvious that the quality, ease and simplicity of Time-Lapse Tool and the flexibility of output formats justified the expenditure. The absence of Frame Info in the “Home” version is a little disappointing as would add interest if time stamping from EXIF data within the individua; JPEX source frames could be added, but the additional cost is not justifiable for me. However, overall the results and ease of use to make and completed these project makes Time-Lapse Tool an outstanding solution.

Dr. Martin Salter

I am a researcher, and have developed scientific software that generates large time series of raster imagery. Over the years, I've looked for a simple application that will stitch these images together into videos. I recently discovered the Time-Lapse Tool, and it's exactly what I've always wanted. I can now create high-resolution videos from hundreds, or even thousands of still images, and the process is super-fast and effortless. I couldn't be happier with the tool. I chose the Time-Lapse Tool after recently suffering through yet another lengthy pulse of internet research -- identifying, downloading, and testing many available applications. The other packages I examined were complex, difficult to learn and use, and most were expensive. I kept saying to myself: "come on... somebody must have done this well". When I finally discovered and tested the Time-Lapse Tool, I ended up purchasing it within an hour. The Time-Lapse Tool is now in my collection of must-have apps that are essential for my work.

Nathan Schumaker
Computational Ecology Group

Time-Lapse Tool has been fantastic putting together the construction which has happened at the school grounds – I have over 2 years worth of images – being taken every 3 minutes – and it still copes with creating a great record of the stages of completion.

I will continue to use this – and the video will be going into the archives for future students to see.

Matt Gillard

I use a Sony Action Cam to document my model train club activities. The interval mode is used to generate images taken each second during the 4-5 hour setup of our modular layout. Time-Lapse Tool provides me with a quick way to combine the thousands of individual setup images into a smooth time-lapse video. It is easy to use and generates great videos.


I choose to use Time-Lapse Tool after using a trial version. I discovered that it was so easy to import photos due to its intuitive characteristic in selecting photo series from storage files. Once imported the production process is as easy or detailed as you want to make it. There are many functions for editing if you want to enhance a sequence or you can simply select to produce a movie and Time-Lapse Tool will produce a movie in a format of your choosing.

I have recently completed a 9000 frame project of a house build. The frames were taken with my Cannon DSLR in auto mode. Time-Lapse Tool allowed me to reduce flicker, adjust the light characteristics to my desire and produce a 6.5 minute movie in MP4 format. I gave a copy as a house warming gift to the home owners and another copy to the builder.

I have produced a lot of cloud movement movies. Most of which I have discarded as uninteresting but from time to time I capture a good one. Because Time-Lapse Tool is so easy to use it is no task at all to produce a movie then flippantly discard it because it took literally no effort at all to produce with Time-Lapse Tool.

Robin Wallace
National Gas Limited

Time-Lapse Tool is a dedicated and easy solution to build video rate timelapses with ease. It automatically identifies the sequence in a folder and allows you to make the adjustments you need to have a 4k movie within minutes. As someone that does timelapse frequently this is a time saver for me and my clients

Christian Buhlmann
Commercial & Industrial imager.

This is a great application. Easy to use and priced right. There are lots of wildlife in and around my property and I have a couple of trails cameras I use regularly to keep an eye on who is passing through and who is plundering the bushes and plants that I try to maintain. I've also used it to track my sleep habitsahn for general security issues around the property. Converting series of images with this tool is simple and really kind of fun. I wholeheartedly recommend this time lapse tool to anyone who might have a need to create video from their images. You won't regret the purchase


I am fairly new to timelapse but just wanted to say how brilliant your software is! Easy and quick. Many thanks!


I think your software is one of the most powerful and at the the same time easy to handle time lapse software I've seen.


I find the software simple to use and it does what says on the tin.


I've been dabbling with your time-lapse software over the past days and really like it.


The reason that i bought the Time-Lapse Tool is that it is very quick,accurate and very user friendly. Even for a rookie or a pro TLTool is the best solution. My best buy....


Overall I really like your Time-Lapse Tool, as it gives ease way to put together lots of photos I take for people or events, creating sort of short video to see the Big Picture in short time.


Good and simple tool to use.


Windows Media player froze and Apple's Quicktime Pro also failed when processing a 60 gigabyte file. Time-Lapse Tool has worked every time I've used it.


I found this to be a fully featured programme and very intuitive to use. It is the only programme I use for timelapse. Highly recommended.


This is the easiest way to produce HD timelapse I have seen. Terrific product guys!!!!!


So easy to use, I turned my photos into a high quality timelapse movie in minutes.


I purchased Time-Lapse Tool because it could be sent via MPEG 4 into another program simply by clicking & dragging the video into the Timeline as I do with my photos & videos. The Time-Lapse Tool is very simple & fast to use.


I tried many time lapse programs before deciding to purchase Time-Lapse Tools. The reasons - its ease of use / versatility / excellent user interface / consistent results. A nice piece of software that has meet all my expectations.


Time-Lapse Tool is great! I used it for free first, it's easy to use and the results are AWESOME!! I purchased the FullHD bundle and I make time lapse almost everyday!!


It is easy. I find it like the equvilant to an iphone compared to an android. You may not have as many decisions to make, but the ones you have are absolute no brainers. it was cheap too.


I chose Time-Lapse Tool as a quick and easy way to try out doing time lapse photography. After my first few movies, I was hooked! The Personal HD version gives me the quality I need right now at an affordable price.


I tried many video editing applications to create time-lapse videos and I love the simplicity of this one. It's straight to the point with exactly the options you would need.


Time-Lapse Tool gives you the power to create time lapse footage with only a few clicks, but also has a host of powerful tools to give your project the edge


Time-Lapse Tool is very easy to use. You give it a sequence of images and it converts them into your movie with no additional effort or expertise on your part.


The easiest way to make timelapse videos


I think the program is very simple and good


I chose Time-Lapse Tool because it seemed easy, and especially didn't made my computer go crazy even with heavy pictures and a lot of them.

I am pretty satisfied with it, considering it always works and is really quick.

Margot HQ

Time-Lapse Tool is very easy and practical to use. That's why I bought it, especially to assemble all the pics together. It works fast and well.


After testing several "time-lapse to video tools", I finally purchased Time-Lapse Tool because it provides easy-to-use image preprocessing and, of great importance to me, to zoom and resize to video only portions of the images.


Time-Lapse Tool makes it easy for me to create stunning timelapses with just a few clicks.

The interface is simple but very effective and intuitive.

Louis Reichert

I'am very happy with the program and it is so easy to use. I stumbled across it while I was searching for a program to edit my footage. Very Happy with it. Thank You

P Jay

Time-Lapse Tool is an amazing and wonderfully easy program to work with. I tried others but some rather would crash my system or were to complicated to figure out. I love this program.

Tracy Kerestesh

Time-Lapse Tool provides simple, effective time lapse software. It is really fun to use, and allowed me to completely break from the insanity of Adobe CC. Time lapse has never been easier for me thanks to this new product.

Kent Waller

I find this software very intuitive and easy to use.

Super software.


I am using Time-Lapse Tool because it easy to use and delivers fast results.

Tilo Kahl

I chose the tool because it was simple, inexpensive, and full-featured. I needed an application that could create video from a large volume of images easily (~20,000 images) and quickly, and the results were great!


Brilliantly simple tool, but with powerful set of built in style formats. From down-load of tool to uploading new project to Youtube took just a few minutes.


it's simply the best! easy peasy


I choose the Time-Lapse Tool for it's simplicity. I was looking for software to make 4k video quality and yet provide the simplicity to put together a project quickly. I highly recommend Time-Lapse Tool.


Time-Lapse Tool is an amazing tool for creating time lapse in almost any way you want it. Special effects are impressive and it works fine with 4K images. I have been using this software for 3 years now.


Time-Lapse Tool is the easiest way to produce timelapse video.

Byoung-Chull Chung

Time-Lapse Tool has become my favourite application on creating high-quality videoclips for my presentations. It provides easy-to-use user interface on top of powerful video rendering engine.


Good tool, lots of features, relatively easy to use.

Steve Hunsader

I choose Time-Lapse Tool because the price was right and it's easy to use