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En realidad he tenido poco tiempo explorando esta aplicación exclusivamente por falta de tiempo, y porque no tenia las cámaras adecuadas para realizar este tipo de grabaciones. Pero ahora adquirí dos cámaras Sony; una RX10M3 y una Sony AS50 y estoy comenzando a realizar las primeras pruebas y los resultados han sido excelentes. El programa es muy facial de usar, simple y rápido. Quizás lo que se echa de menos es un manual con indicaciones paso a paso, pues al comienzo cuesta un poco entender los pasos a seguir para crear un buen Time Lapse. También se agradecería algo mas de información de como usar algunas funciones como las de acelera o disminuir la velocidad. Por ejemplo algunas recomendaciones.

Pero resumiendo. Es un muy buen programa, sencillo y rápido y las cosas a mejora son solo pequeños detalles de información y no de uso.

Saludos cordiales,

Francisco Solis de Ovando

Time-Lapse Tool en un programa muy fácil de usar y además trae una serie de alternativas la para edición de fotografías que permite darle velocidad a la imagen y sobre todo lo variado en la resolución y formatos lo que permite guardar las imágenes de video de acuerdo a la necesidad existente del trabajo en cuestión, muy bueno y recomendable para los amantes de la fotografía.


I am fairly new to timelapse but just wanted to say how brilliant your software is! Easy and quick. Many thanks!


I think your software is one of the most powerful and at the the same time easy to handle time lapse software I've seen.


I find the software simple to use and it does what says on the tin.


I've been dabbling with your time-lapse software over the past days and really like it.


The reason that i bought the Time-Lapse Tool is that it is very quick,accurate and very user friendly. Even for a rookie or a pro TLTool is the best solution. My best buy....


Overall I really like your Time-Lapse Tool, as it gives ease way to put together lots of photos I take for people or events, creating sort of short video to see the Big Picture in short time.


Good and simple tool to use.


Windows Media player froze and Apple's Quicktime Pro also failed when processing a 60 gigabyte file. Time-Lapse Tool has worked every time I've used it.


I found this to be a fully featured programme and very intuitive to use. It is the only programme I use for timelapse. Highly recommended.


This is the easiest way to produce HD timelapse I have seen. Terrific product guys!!!!!


So easy to use, I turned my photos into a high quality timelapse movie in minutes.


I purchased Time-Lapse Tool because it could be sent via MPEG 4 into another program simply by clicking & dragging the video into the Timeline as I do with my photos & videos. The Time-Lapse Tool is very simple & fast to use.


I tried many time lapse programs before deciding to purchase Time-Lapse Tools. The reasons - its ease of use / versatility / excellent user interface / consistent results. A nice piece of software that has meet all my expectations.


Time-Lapse Tool is great! I used it for free first, it's easy to use and the results are AWESOME!! I purchased the FullHD bundle and I make time lapse almost everyday!!


It is easy. I find it like the equvilant to an iphone compared to an android. You may not have as many decisions to make, but the ones you have are absolute no brainers. it was cheap too.


I chose Time-Lapse Tool as a quick and easy way to try out doing time lapse photography. After my first few movies, I was hooked! The Personal HD version gives me the quality I need right now at an affordable price.


I tried many video editing applications to create time-lapse videos and I love the simplicity of this one. It's straight to the point with exactly the options you would need.


Time-Lapse Tool gives you the power to create time lapse footage with only a few clicks, but also has a host of powerful tools to give your project the edge


Time-Lapse Tool is very easy to use. You give it a sequence of images and it converts them into your movie with no additional effort or expertise on your part.


The easiest way to make timelapse videos


I think the program is very simple and good


I chose Time-Lapse Tool because it seemed easy, and especially didn't made my computer go crazy even with heavy pictures and a lot of them.

I am pretty satisfied with it, considering it always works and is really quick.

Margot HQ

Time-Lapse Tool is very easy and practical to use. That's why I bought it, especially to assemble all the pics together. It works fast and well.


After testing several "time-lapse to video tools", I finally purchased Time-Lapse Tool because it provides easy-to-use image preprocessing and, of great importance to me, to zoom and resize to video only portions of the images.


Time-Lapse Tool makes it easy for me to create stunning timelapses with just a few clicks.

The interface is simple but very effective and intuitive.

Louis Reichert

I'am very happy with the program and it is so easy to use. I stumbled across it while I was searching for a program to edit my footage. Very Happy with it. Thank You

P Jay

Time-Lapse Tool is an amazing and wonderfully easy program to work with. I tried others but some rather would crash my system or were to complicated to figure out. I love this program.

Tracy Kerestesh

Time-Lapse Tool provides simple, effective time lapse software. It is really fun to use, and allowed me to completely break from the insanity of Adobe CC. Time lapse has never been easier for me thanks to this new product.

Kent Waller

I find this software very intuitive and easy to use.

Super software.


I am using Time-Lapse Tool because it easy to use and delivers fast results.

Tilo Kahl

I chose the tool because it was simple, inexpensive, and full-featured. I needed an application that could create video from a large volume of images easily (~20,000 images) and quickly, and the results were great!


Brilliantly simple tool, but with powerful set of built in style formats. From down-load of tool to uploading new project to Youtube took just a few minutes.


it's simply the best! easy peasy


I choose the Time-Lapse Tool for it's simplicity. I was looking for software to make 4k video quality and yet provide the simplicity to put together a project quickly. I highly recommend Time-Lapse Tool.


Time-Lapse Tool is an amazing tool for creating time lapse in almost any way you want it. Special effects are impressive and it works fine with 4K images. I have been using this software for 3 years now.


Time-Lapse Tool is the easiest way to produce timelapse video.

Byoung-Chull Chung

Time-Lapse Tool has become my favourite application on creating high-quality videoclips for my presentations. It provides easy-to-use user interface on top of powerful video rendering engine.


Good tool, lots of features, relatively easy to use.

Steve Hunsader

I choose Time-Lapse Tool because the price was right and it's easy to use