Mirror Video Effect

This option allows you to create a mirror image effect in your video using time lapse software.
Time-Lapse Video Mirror Effect


There are 4 parameters that can be adjusted in the mirror effect:
  • Horizontal
  • H-Tilt
  • Vertical
  • V-Tilt
The horizontal and vertical parameters are simple and allow you to move the mirror effect horizontally and vertically across the image. H-Tilt enables you to change the view of the image by tilting horizontally. V-Tilt, on the other hand, tilts the image vertically.
Time-Lapse Video Mirror Effect Settings


The H-Tilt box has been set to 0 here, so that the image is flipped horizontally.
Time-Lapse Video Mirror Effect Example
Note: this effect is available in the free version of Time-Lapse Tool.

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