Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How many images can Time-Lapse Tool use in single project?

There are no explicit limitations for the number of images you can use in the application, only the amount of computer memory you have available limits number of sequences and images you can use in your project. During our tests we successfully created a video from 100 thousand images that was close to 600 GB.

How is Time-Lapse Tool different from Windows Movie-Maker?

Short answer. As a dedicated time lapse software application, Time-Lapse Tool performs better and faster. Time-Lapse tool makes up for its cost in terms of the time it saves you in creating your time-lapse video projects.

Long answer. We decided to create the application because, although Windows Movie-Maker had similar tools, it did not support time-lapse video creation well for more demanding projects. WMM’s tools work, more or less, to create short time-lapse videos from a small number of images, but the program stalls at the image loading stage if you try to make a more extended project with thousands of images. Combining two image sequences with different fps rates is also is not supported by WMM (although it is possible with some non-obvious workarounds, which cause losses to the original image quality). Using our software, you can set up a video project of this kind in literally a few mouse clicks and start exporting the final time-lapse video almost immediately. As additional bonus, we added a few cool effects like Miniature (Tilt Focus) and vignette.

How do I export a movie from Time-Lapse Tool?

Please check the quick guide introductory post for further information on this topic.

What are the limitations of the free Evaluation or Personal Use modes of Time-Lapse Tool software?

  • The program does not allow you to use resolutions greater than DVD (480p) for export.
  • The program does not allow export to GIF format.
  • Use of the application is not permitted for commercial purposes. Only the Pro version of Time-Lapse Tool is licensed for commercial use.
  • Support is limited to the advice and information available on the forum.
All other program features work identically in all Time-Lapse Tool software editions.

How do I activate Time-Lapse Tool?

  1. Click on Time-Lapse Tool logo at bottom left corner to open the About window. Time-Lapse Tool Logo.
  2. Click the Activate button. Time-Lapse Tool About Window.
  3. Paste your activation code (i.e.: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX) into the text box, then press the Activate button. Time-Lapse Tool Activation Screen.