Zoom And Move Video Effect

This effect allows you to zoom in and shift onto part of a larger image.

Time-Lapse Tool Zoom And Move Effect


If the Width/Height box is checked, the zoom is applied proportionally and equally over the width and the height of the image. To be able to zoom in on only one of these two parameters, the width/height box needs to be unchecked. Use the X-slider to move horizontally through the image and the Y-slider to move vertically.

Time-Lapse Tool Zoom And Move Effect Settings


Using the X-slider, the right side of the image has been focused. Then the zoom has been applied to both the width and height of the image (2.5x).

This effect can be used to adjust the image position if you’ve converted a sequence from one aspect ratio to another within the timelapse software. For example, if you’ve gone from DSLR aspect ratio (3:2) to the default YouTube ratio (16:9).

Time-Lapse Tool Zoom And Move Effect Example

Note: this effect is available in the free version of Time-Lapse Tool.

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