Time-Lapse Tool Software Setup

This page gives you an overview of Time-Lapse Tool’s installation, upgrade and uninstall processes.

Windows System Requirements

Time-Lapse Tool runs successfully on the following Windows systems. If your computer does not meet these requirements, you may not be able to use the time-lapse maker.

Supported Operating Systems

Please install the latest Windows Service Pack and all available critical updates before installing the software.

Minimum hardware requirements

Hardware requirements for optimal performance

Software Requirements

Time-Lapse Tool installation requires you to have Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 installed on your system. You can install it using Web Installer or download it from the Standalone Installer. Time-Lapse Tool’s software setup checks for the presence of .NET Framework before the installation process begins and opens the .NET Framework installer web page if necessary. You will need to restart the Time-Lapse Tool setup manually after installing .NET Framework.

How Do I Install Time-Lapse Tool?

Please visit the Time-Lapse Tool software website to download the latest version of the Time-Lapse Tool Setup. Run the setup file (TimeLapseTool.msi) and follow the installation wizard instructions to install our time lapse software.

Note: Time-Lapse Tool installer does not require you to have administrator rights in order to install it properly. It is possible to install it from an ordinary user or even guest account without any issue.

Time-Lapse Tool installation wizard welcome screen

Welcome page of the installation wizard. License agreement

Time-Lapse Tool installation wizard progress screen

Installation wizard progress

Time-Lapse Tool installation wizard completed

Installation wizard showing completed the Time-Lapse Tool software installation

Note: The Time-Lapse Tool application starts immediately after you complete the steps in the setup wizard. This gives you an opportunity to register the application right after you install it. Shortcuts to open the application are also added to the start menu and desktop.


Time-Lapse Tool checks for website updates automatically. The application will notify you when a new version of the application is available for download.

Time-Lapse Tool upgrade notification dialog

When the program detects that a newer version of the software is available on the server, an upgrade notification dialog box will appear with 3 options available:

  1. Skip this version. This option allows you to skip the upgrade if it’s not appropriate for any reason.
  2. Remind me later. This option allows you to temporarily bypass the upgrade process and upgrade next time you open the program.
  3. Update. This option starts the upgrade. The program will restart automatically following installation of the new version.

Uninstalling Time-Lapse Tool

You can uninstall Time-Lapse Tool from your computer if you no longer need it. The application can be found in the Programs and Features list.

A feedback window will open once the software has been uninstalled. We appreciate your feedback about your experience with the application.

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