Program Settings

Time-Lapse Tool software has few global settings that could speed-up your interactions with the program and run time lapse video creation faster. Program settings dialog shows a following options:

  • Language: drop down allows to adjust UI language for the application.
  • Recent Projects: adjust number of recent projects appeared at project start screen.
  • Pre-Cache Images: tells the application to scan your drive for images and saves images' meta-data (like dimensions, creation time and thumbnail) to speed up further processing. Time-Lapse Tool saves such data for currently selected folders but pre cache could decreases your further interactions with disk significantly if you use Time-Lapse Tool frequently.
  • Min Image Size: defines minimal length of image in bytes used by Time-Lapse Tool. Increasing this value speeds up processing of folders with images because the program ignores small files. As downside program may not find small png images that can be used for watermarks.
  • Check updates: checkbox means to check for updates during application startup. Check Updates Now button starts update check right now.
  • Default Aspect Ratio: defines default aspect ratio for new projects.
  • Default Frame Rate: defines default FPS value for added to project image sequences.
  • Max Audio Fade: allows to increase maximum fade limit if 30 seconds is not enough for your needs.
Time-Lapse Tool Program Settings Dialog

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