Sharpen Video Effect

This is a simple effect; it increases contrast where color changes occur.

Time-Lapse Tool Sharpen Effect


The sharpen parameter can be adjusted on this effect. Values in the range of 0-25 could produce a better-looking image; values above 50 significantly increase the image sharpen effect and could be used to attract attention. Leave the value at 0 if you do not wish to alter the image in this way.

Time-Lapse Tool Sharpen Effect Settings


Setting the sharpen to 80 makes the original image surrealistic.

Time-Lapse Tool Sharpen Effect Example

Note: You can add a precise value for the slider. Just double-click on the percentage number to open up the percentage editor.

Time-Lapse Tool Percentage Value Editor

Note: this effect is available in the free version of Time-Lapse Tool.

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