Pixelate Video Effect

This effect pixelates the image. A pixelated video is having blocks on the frame image to give it a mosaic effect. The effect allows adjusting settings so it is possible to make images look interesting in a video.

Time-Lapse Tool Pixelate Effect


It is possible to adjust the following settings for this effect:

  • Horizontal defines how strong pixelation should be for horizontal dimension. 0 means no changes in the image, 100 means absolute pixelization, an image will be split horizontally into 2 parts only.
  • Vertical makes the same adjustments as the horizontal setting but applies to image vertically.
  • Offset shifts every second row with provided the offset value. This makes pixelated image looks fuzzy.
Time-Lapse Tool Pixelate Effect Settings


Applied horizontal pixelation only. You can notice that image looks less pixelized vertically in time lapse software preview window.

Time-Lapse Tool Pixelate Effect Example

Note: You can add a precise value for the slider. Just double-click on the percentage number to open up the percentage editor.

Time-Lapse Tool Percentage Value Editor

Note: this effect is available in the free version of Time-Lapse Tool.

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