Shooting Info Video Effect

This is a simple effect; it allows you to put the shooting time/creation date of the file on the image.

Time-Lapse Tool Shooting Info Effect


The parameters that can be modified for shooting time effect are:

  • Color of foreground (i.e. the color of the text).
  • Color of background. It is possible to select transparency, however text may not be visible in some cases. This depends from image coloring in affected area.
  • Formatting of the text.
  • Text size on the image.
  • Text position on the image.

Please note that the application uses default Windows localization date-time settings. If you need to use another date language in the output video, then you have to adjust the OS settings.

Time-Lapse Tool Shooting Info Effect Settings


The color of the foreground has been set to gray here, while black has been chosen as the background color. You can preview the result in the preview window of our time lapse software.

Time-Lapse Tool Shooting Info Effect Example

Note: this effect is available in the free version of Time-Lapse Tool.

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