Main Application Window

The main operations involved in creating a time-lapse video in Time-Lapse Tool are:

  • Adding still images to the project
  • Applying effects to the images in a sequence
  • Previewing the video
  • Exporting the time-lapse video

All of these operations are initiated from the main window. The application’s main window contains the following parts:

Time-Lapse Tool Main View

Video Preview Panel

This Video Preview panel shows the currently selected frame. The selection is indicated on the timeline by a yellow line. The Video Preview panel contains the following buttons to preview or create a time-lapse video from the project file:

  • Full-Screen Preview button - opens the preview window in full-screen mode and runs the preview starting from the currently selected frame.
  • Preview button - runs the preview starting from the currently selected frame.
  • EXPORT button - opens the screen where time-lapse video generation options may be adjusted and video generation started.
  • PUBLISH button - opens a screen where the time-lapse video can be uploaded to YouTube.

Note: We have significantly improved the quality of the preview in version 2.0 of the application. However, HDD and CPU speed limit the preview quality significantly. Preview FPS can be very low for 10-megapixel images for non-SSD drives, or for slow CPUs.

Timeline Panel

At the top of the panel, you can find the list of sequences. The currently selected sequence is highlighted in the list. The IMPORT button opens the import screen. With this button, new sequences may be easily added to a project.

Right clicking on a sequence button shows the popup menu. From this menu, the sequence can be removed or be moved to another position in the project.

The bottom of the panel shows all of the frames and allows you to change the frame per second rate of the currently selected sequence.

Timelapse sequence duration editing dialog

If you need to set FPS value or duration precisely for sequence then you may click on duration label above timeline and enter exact values in duration editor.

By default, the sequence frames list is collapsed and shows only a few frames from the sequence.

Time-Lapse Tool Timeline Panel with Collapsed Image Sequence

To see all of the frames in the sequence click the Expand button right after frames.

Time-Lapse Tool Expanded Sequence View

Right-clicking on any frame displays a popup menu. The menu contains the following items:

  • Remove Frame - removes the selected frame from the sequence.
  • Show All Frames - expands the collapsed frames list.
  • Split Sequence - splits the sequence into two sequences from the selected frame. This could be useful when you want to apply a different set of effects to part of a sequence.
  • Remove Sequence - removes the selected sequence from the project.
  • Rotate - rotates either the selected frame or all of the frames in the sequence.

It is possible to create a "sequence" from a single still image. This could be useful for showing captions before or after the video. The duration setting is used instead of the FPS rate for sequences of this kind because the frame rate value does make sense in the case of a single frame. Right-click on the IMPORT button to add sequences created with a single image to the project. The popup menu is shown with the Add Single Image... item. Choosing this item displays a file dialog to open the image file.

Major Commands Button

The buttons for major operations are at bottom of the main window. The major command buttons include:

You can use the Save As... command if you need to save a project to a new file. This command exists in the context menu that is displayed over the SAVE button.

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